Château de Gudanes: A True Love Story Never Ends...

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Please note that the Château Book and Advent Calendar will be available to order once more in September.


At last, the long awaited story of Château de Gudanes... 

As featured in Vogue, Tatler, GQ, House and Garden, Kinfolk, The Australian Financial Review and The Women's Weekly!

 Prepare to be spellbound by her story! An 800 year old castle left forgotten and abandoned, its stories almost erased and its aristocrats long fallen… Until, a new family arrives on the scene, willing to cross hemispheres to save her, and begins to awaken this sleeping beauty.  

This is a story filled with love. Passionately written, photographed and designed by the owner, Karina, as she undertakes the restoration. The love for the Château felt in every word written and every detail on each page. 

But, this story isn’t just a fairy-tale. For the very first time this is a true story of restoring and living in a château. It is about finding the courage to pursue your dreams, staying strong amongst countless uncertainties and learning to be fearless in the face of never-ending challenges.  

And so, if you have ever dreamed or wondered what it would be like to purchase a home in France, live in and restore an ancient castle, wished to discover the secrets of this magnificent building’s history, wanted to see all the before and afters of her restoration, or simply are the believer in everlasting love stories then this is a gift to give yourself or to someone you treasure. A gift for every season...

Altogether the Château Book, gold-foiled and embossed, contains 352 pages.

The Château Book will arrive hand-wrapped with love and with a hand written card by Karina...

Architecturally, it measures approximately 24cm by 18cm by 3cm - the perfect size so that you may take it with you on your own journey. 

As with all the items from the Boutique, proceeds from the Book directly assist in the restoration of the Château. 

And as a small thank you for supporting the restoration, included with your book will be an illustration of the Château Plans. 


If you wish to purchase the Château Book in store please kindly follow the link here to view a list of our stockists. Merci beaucoup! 


32 Reviews

  • 5
    The Chateau Gudanes book

    Published by Lili C Rehak on 20th Feb 2019

    I just finished reading this most beautiful and magnificent book. I must say that I shed quite a few tears along the way -- from the moment Karina and her husband layed eyes on the Chateau, to the aching heart. This story would make a marvelous movie -- actually, it would have to be a series because there are so many stories within the big story. The photographs are wonderous; both from nightmares and fairytales!
    This family is to be commended on saving this historic and storied structure. I highly recommend this book! I will continue to enjoy it for years to come, soaking in the beauty that is Chateau Gudanes.

  • 5
    Gudanes -A True Love Story and silver pendant necklace.

    Published by Michele Billings on 3rd Jan 2019

    What a beautiful, gorgeous book this is, a true love story. Beautifully photographed, poignant, heart warming. The Château is magnificent, her setting splendid. The wonderful story of how she was found, rescued, loved, restored, respected is uplifting. Her story is told simply and beautifully. The book contains a few tiny typos which make it so utterly charming. This wonderful story has no end, it is everlasting. Blessings on you for your belief in Château Gudanes and your passion for bringing her back to life. One day I will visit her, I promise myself. PS I am fortunate to have the pretty silver pendant which I wear daily, my commitment to one day walk through those magnificent gates.

  • 5
    review of book printer September 2018

    Published by Thomas C Escher on 2nd Jan 2019

    Since this is the "first" of your books, I look forward to reading the second. This first book is uplifting, edications and has provided me with an insipration of the entire project. In 2017, when we visited the Chateau for the second time and were fortunate to have a picnic with you inside the Chateau we were surprised by your passion. Your subsequent actions with entensive interface with the French authorities clearly is expressed in the book that the Chateau hs capitivated you. The book clearly shows this is the first of your books on this special Chateau. With the French authorities and you workig together you are recreating a "special" piece of French culture and history. Both you and the Frech authorities should be congratulated on your tireless effort which is clearly shown and expressed in the "first" book.
    When are you planning to print the "second" book as I would like to place an order.
    Cheers from San Francsico,

  • 5
    The Chateau with a Heart

    Published by Neil Glazebrook on 28th Dec 2018

    An intimate, “serendipitous,” and extremely brave journey into a restoration adventure that had me swelling with envy the deeper I delved. The generous gift of such an enchanting and vivid love affair was deliciously devoured with every page. Karina’s whimsical photos and poetic words were gobbled up with haste. And the packaging...I’ve never purchased anything so exquisitely and respectfully detailed with everything from the wrapping of the novel to the wax stamp (love, love the bookmark!). Clearly Karina cherishes the chateau, successfully transporting me there from start to finish. And as a result, I am affectively saving for a trip to the magic gem one day to learn true patience and respect for time and nature.

    Merci . . . merci beaucoup, Karina pour le partage!

    — Linda Glazebrook

  • 5
    Reserved reading for Christmas day

    Published by Margaret Rigden on 3rd Dec 2018

    When I received my beautiful book Chateau De Gudanes I got the biggest goosebumps.. Looking forward to vanishing into this book on Christmas Day

  • 5
    Chateau Gudanes, A True Love Story...

    Published by Cynthia Cross on 25th Nov 2018

    I sit each morning with my beautiful French Astier mug filled with thick syrupy coffee and open my Chateau Gudanes book. It was a birthday gift to self...envelope enclosed to remind me! The book and her contents are astonishingly moving...the writing is beautiful...the photos tell a story well expressed...the feelings evoked and invoked bring me daily to tears...a remembrance perhaps of another time, another way. Thank you for this me fait content et triste en meme temps! Merci bien...j'espere qu'un jour je vais voir Chateau Gudanes! Cynthia

  • 5
    A true love story never ends.....

    Published by Cindy Kanakriyeh on 4th Nov 2018

    This book captures wonderfully the spirit of the Chateau and beautiful photographs to peruse and enjoy , reading and getting lost in the love story. It is amazing how the Waters family came upon this treasure and were captivated . I have had the privilege of staying at the Chateau and participating in her restoration. This book beautifully captures the spirit of her and her story. It made me fall in love all over again. I can truly attest to her power to draw you to her story. I stumbled upon the Facebook page of the Chateau in January of 2017 and knew I mean KNEW I simply had to go there. I did not know when but I just knew I would. As fate would have it circumstances in my life all worked together and I found myself there the summer of 2017. It is a magical place, beautiful, majestic, you truly feel like you never want to leave. Karina and her family have so graciously opened up her doors for others to experience the Chateau magic and love. It was such a transformative experience and you truly do feel the past and present and all the love and dedication to keep her alive. Beautiful book, beautiful story, beautiful photographs. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Waters family for opening your dream and love for others to experience. 5 stars⭐️

  • 5
    Swept Away

    Published by Vickie Becker on 29th Oct 2018

    Thank you for such a wonderful love story. I was transported to the past, engrossed in the story of the present rebirth, and excited about the future of the Chateau. I am thankful to have found your story years ago when you began the journey - I hope to visit one day.

  • 5
    Magical place! Amazing book!!

    Published by Nita Taub on 27th Oct 2018

    What makes the Chateau so special??
    I would have to say it is Karina, Craig, Jasmine, and Ben (and Alfie of course). My husband and I visited the Chateau this past summer. For me what stands out most is the morning sun, the smell of french food coming from the kitchen, the music echoing through the majestic rooms, candlelight in the hallways after dark. The dinner table with all the thoughtful touches. The flowers and notes near your bedside. The family dog and cats that made you feel right at home. Everyday holds new surprises and adventures. It was a trip of a lifetime.
    I am so happy I had the opportunity to visit.
    If you can't visit at least you can buy this book to have a piece of history in your own home. Buy it! Be a part of this family by owning this book, you will not regret it!

  • 5
    A Shared Treasure!

    Published by Christine Petrie on 25th Oct 2018

    Whether you have just learned of the Chateau or have been following it online for years; Whether you have had the magical opportunity to visit or have only daydreamed of the possibility; this book is a treasure! Karina generously shares all that she knows and has learned about the chateau with the reader. Every page pops with color, images, and love. I was so excited when my book arrived that I waited until I could sit down uninterrupted to truly savor it. It was hand-wrapped with care and had many personal touche added making it even more special. I have been enjoying sharing it with my family and friends. A beautiful gift that will be treasured!

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